18 Jun

Week 1 21st June

Wk 1 entries have closed, start sheets are being printed and the circuit has been swept. Here's an early view and reminder of the circuit, we will be running Anti Clockwise in week one. Please note the following to help a smooth first evening:
  • No entries on the night. Wk 2 entries close Fri 23rd at 23:45
  • Bring your valid race licence/membership with photo to sign on or a day licence fee applies
  • Youths and juniors undertake gear checks before signing on
  • Don't forget your £5 transponder hire fee and £20 deposit if you don't have your own
  • Please keep clear of the start/finish area when your transponder is fixed to your bike whilst other races are on
  • No Disk brakes or TT bars
  • No cameras mounted to bikes or helmets
  • No saddle bags
  • No foul language
  • Numbers and transponders attached firmly
  • No helmet = no ride