15 Jun

Transponder Chip Timing

All riders MUST CARRY a MyLaps Pro Chip FLEX Transponder securely attached low down on the front forks with a cable tie. No transponder = No ride/position. Transponders can be purchased via while stocks last via cyclingken8@gmail.com for £33 or via hs sports. If you wish to purchase please allow 4 weeks before your first Race that will use MyLaps If you do not have your own per-registered Transponders they must be hired on the night for £5 + £20 returnable deposit for ALL Riders that evening. Transponders CANNOT BE PURCHASED ON THE DAY OF THE RACE; they have to be activated in advance, via a Windows system! If you have purchased your own transponder, you must enter the number EXACTLY as printed on British Cycling Online Entries- ie, with upper case & hyphen. Do not ‘turn up’ with an activated transponder of which we have no knowledge. MyLaps will pick up the number but it will not tell us whom you are!