18 Jun

So why the change in entry system and limit on riders numbers at the last minute???

Now we’re through a lot of last minute work we’ll explain. During a recent site inspection, we found that some roads at Trinity Park had deteriorated beyond safe use for cycle racing. Yes, this was very close to the start of the SCRS but until the Suffolk Show infrastructure pulls off the site, we just don't know what surface conditions will be left and what work is required. Following some quick thinking, discussions and requests to the venue, British Cycling have granted a permit to the SCRS for racing but on a condensed circuit. The revised circuit provides good racing (we’ve used this circuit before), but it challenged our programme due to the restriction on rider numbers allowed under the new permit. In order to manage a restricted field size, the British Cycling Online entry is the only way we can manage limited entries and utilise the transponder timing system. This meant we had to abandon the planned ‘Intent to Ride’ method previously publicised. This change however should help relieve some pressure on the volunteers in sign on though. The condensed circuit and rider numbers means that we are unable to run as many concurrent races and therefore had to rethink which races to provide. Following advice from British Cycling Officials and a look at the entry levels of similar Eastern events, our revised programme was conceived. We appreciate that race programmes won’t always provide the category, length or style of race for all but we have tried to provide an opportunity for as many levels as possible within the limited time available.~ If there was another 2 hours of daylight, yes, we could provide more. Whilst the reduction of both racing numbers and circuit length is disappointing we are confident that the SCRS will see some superb and contested racing once again. If you don’t manage to enter one week, please do come and help on the night instead. We hope repairs to the venue roads will take place over the next week or so in order for us to return to a longer circuit. We are still hopeful that the SCRS can provide six weeks of racing as planned, but some work is still needed with the venue on one date in particular concerning other site users. Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and riders for your patience and support. Any further updates will be posted here.