25 Jun

2018 Week #3 information

Please note the following, especially the revised start times

Very important - please note that we have had to revise the start times for the racing at very short notice to accommodate another event taking place at Trinity Park on the evening of 27th June.

New timings as follows:

  • Youth Racing now starts at 6.05pm (not 6.10pm)
  • Cat 3/4 mens race now starts at 6.30pm (not 6.40pm)
  • E123 mens race and Womens race start at 7.45pm (not 7.35pm)
  • Go Ride starts at 6.00pm as normal, although for Week 3 we will relocate to the grass area to the left of the far end of the start/finish straight.

We will close Sign-On as late as possible rather than 10 minutes before the race start.

If possible, could you please look to arrive 10 minutes earlier than you normally would for the Youth and Cat 3/4 races.

Please make sure you inform your club mates of the changes in the start times. We will also email all entrants via the emails given when the race was entered through British Cycling and post on the SCRS Facebook page.

The E123 mens race and Womens race start 10 minutes later than normal.

We are however running the larger circuit for Week 3.

Parking - please follow the marshals as directed to ensure that vehicles attending SCRS are not parked with vehicles attending the other event - see map below.

Please enter Week 4 by 11.45pm on Sunday 1st July at the latest. The Cat 3/4 mens race sold out for weeks 2 and 3, therefore if you are a seasoned Cat 3 racer, please consider entering the E123 mens race, entry is on a first come first serve, so please do not leave it until the last minute. We would also encourage you to ask your clubs to enter their Youth and Women riders. Enter HERE.

As with week 1 and 2, please allow extra travelling time due to traffic works on the A1156 West of Trinity Park between the St Augustine’s Roundabout and Sainsbury’s Warren Heath. Traffic has been very slow when exiting junction 57 of the A14 after 4.30pm, road works are due to continue until October.

It is best to use junction 58 and pass the Seven Hills Crematorium and on to Trinity Park from the East on the A1156. See Map bottom right of this email.

The Racing Circuit Plan and Parking for Wednesday 27th June can be seen bottom of this post.

Sign-On will be in the two marquees near to the start finish area next to the tea and coffee stand.

Please queue at the table relevant to your category. Cat 3/4 Sign-On will be split into two or three sections alphabetically depending on the number of entrants. We will no longer require a £20 deposit for the transponder hire, please pay a hire fee of £5 for senior or £3 for youth and leave your licence at Sign-On, which will be returned when you hand back your transponder and race numbers.

Day licence fees are payable for riders entering through British Cycling without a full or valid licence. If you forget your licence or it is out of date, a day licence will also be payable.

No riding down or warming up on Main Avenue before 5.30pm please.

Please do not use the crossing painted on the start finish straight, this will fenced-off for the duration of the race.