15 Jun

Rider Updates – Important information

Thank you for making the start of the 2014 series a resounding success. We’ve received many positive comments about how the series is continuing to grow and develop. Please read the following notes, they will help to improve your series in the weeks to come.
  • Junior and Youth riders please have your gears checked before signing on.
  • All riders please pin race numbers at their edges/corners with a minimum of 4 pins per number. Otherwise it is impossible to read your number. Hint -pin them on whilst bent over and pulling the number tight.
  • The large number must go on the lower section of the jersey ie. pocket area, Small numbers should be pinned to the shoulder side of the jersey appropriate to your race, please check the posters in HQ.
  • Do not forget your numbers. A £2 charge will be made for issuing new numbers.
  • Drafting of riders from other races on the same circuit was a one off during the first week due to the restricted circuit available. This will not be permitted in future races.
  • The E1234 Regional C+ is currently limited to 100 riders and entry will be allocated on a first come basis. 4th cats with no points have the option of riding the Go Race if the E1234 Regional C+ is over subscribed. (Rider limits may be reviewed following racing on a larger circuit).
  • Passing riders should announce their presence (politely) to slower riders and informing what you wish them to do e.g. "stay left" or "stay right".
  • The group must all pass the slower riders on the same side. It is the faster rider's responsibility to overtake safely, do not cut in right in-front of the passed rider. If possible pass slower riders on the outside.
  • Swearing and abusive language will NOT be tolerated. Riders found infringing will be penalised and even declined entry to future events.
  • Please help guide and advise each other, it is your series and helping each other will only improve it. Ie -Point out if someone’s number is not attached properly or of safe lines to pass slower rider etc.
  • Any complaints regarding rider behaviour should be made to the Commisaire after the event with the riders number.
  • Comments regarding the series can be made via the website. http://suffolkcycleracing.org.uk/contact/
  • Reminder under NO circumstances can you race with disk brakes, cameras mounted to bikes or helmets or saddle bags.
Posts, updates and provisional results will appear on the series Facebook page – please read them, share and pass on.  SCRS facebook