10 Jul

Help still needed Sat 12th July

Folks the Suffolk Cycle Racing Series could really do with some help please. If you would like a warm fuzzy feel good experience from helping out whilst cheering on your club mates and or inbetween racing yourself, please do come and join in on Saturday. There are a range of ways to help and with smaller rider fields across more events, compared to Wednesday evenings, it will be a great event to be involved with. Lunches will be provided for helpers and if you know you can help out, even for part of the day please letPhil Barrett know philbarrett@tesco.net 07540 955409. Help keep our local series going please.  
Your chance to PARTY
The Suffolk Summer Cycle Party 2014 is due to take place on Saturday 26th July. In order to ensure this event takes place please commit and let Mark Weston know ASAP otherwise we may lose this great opportunity. Mark 07713 328799 mjweston@talktalk.net .