23 Jul

Summer Party 26th July Cancelled

Unfortunately due to poor sales of tickets for the Summer Party to be held at Trinity on the 26th July it is with great sadness we have had to cancel the event.
Anyone who purchased a ticket will be entitled to a full refund from the location/person you purchased the ticket from. Validation of ticket purchase and registration will be required.
14 Jul

SCRS 16th July Week 6 – what to expect

Following 5 fantastic weeks it’s all still to race for – league results including week 5 are now available. Results. Hopefully after the finish on Wednesday 16th we should be able to identify the league winners on Wednesday. Please don’t rush off but stay and congratulate the victors around the podium.

Go-Ride Racing novice u16’s

We hope to be using the larger circuit which passes through the senior start finish line followed by league presentations. Whilst the final positions are being calculated we would like to offer our younger riders the opportunity to ride the large senior circuit. Parents please could you bring a bike and helmet if possible to help chaperone the riders round – this won’t be a race. Senior riders warming up please give plenty of room to our younger participants. Parents - thank you very much to those that have helped through the series with signing on, marshalling duties and of course bringing the young riders. Your help and support is very much appreciated.

Go Race

Discretion on handicapping maybe applied dependent on entry levels .

E1234 open

The final race will be a SCRATCH event. 4th Cat riders with no points can go into Go Race.

Volunteers we thank you

Please do take a little time on Wednesday to thank the many volunteers that have made this series happen. We have some wonderful and committed people giving their time up to make sure that the racing happens. From Sign On to Course prep and management, Finish line judging, First Aid, Commentary, Results, Website and Equipment supplies.

Future Racing

Following the final night of events there are mid-week racing opportunities available through the excellent Lotus Cycle Racing League. We work closely with our friends in Norfolk to provide opportunities for the region.

Series Support

Staging a series with 7 events would never be possible without the invaluable support of our Sponsors Maglia Rosso and supporting partners Striptees, Scaffix, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Foxguard and Ipswich Borough Council. The 2014 Suffolk Cycle Racing Series was organised by- Ipswich BC, Stowmarket DCC, Wolsey RC, Autostrasse Porsche RT, Plomesgate CC, Ipswich TRI, TROG and VC Revolution.
10 Jul

Help still needed Sat 12th July

Folks the Suffolk Cycle Racing Series could really do with some help please. If you would like a warm fuzzy feel good experience from helping out whilst cheering on your club mates and or inbetween racing yourself, please do come and join in on Saturday. There are a range of ways to help and with smaller rider fields across more events, compared to Wednesday evenings, it will be a great event to be involved with. Lunches will be provided for helpers and if you know you can help out, even for part of the day please letPhil Barrett know philbarrett@tesco.net 07540 955409. Help keep our local series going please.  
Your chance to PARTY
The Suffolk Summer Cycle Party 2014 is due to take place on Saturday 26th July. In order to ensure this event takes place please commit and let Mark Weston know ASAP otherwise we may lose this great opportunity. Mark 07713 328799 mjweston@talktalk.net .  
08 Jul

Supporting Saturday 12th July – Can you help us please

We’re really looking forward to a day of races this Saturday. If you are riding or cheering riders on could you help out at all for part of the day please? We will appreciate any support you can give. Please either have a chat with Phil Barrett Wednesday night or shoot a quick email to philbarrett@tesco.net Refreshments will be provided for volunteers on the day.