Wednesday's 22nd June – 27th July 2016

6 consecutive weeks of racing

Week #4 Cancelled

Regrettably for reasons beyond our control we have just had to cancel racing planned for 13th July. We have just closed entries and are issuing a refund (including BC admin fee) with our apologies. Weeks #5 & #6 are scheduled to go ahead.
We would to thank all riders, volunteers, supporting partners and sponsors for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you Weds 20th July. Kind regards SCRS Committee

 New for 2016

  • Transponder timing devices will be used

  • British Cycling Online Pre-Entry only due to limited rider numbers

  • British Cycling Online Entries close each Sunday night

  • Strictly advance entries only* with restricted field sizes - first come first served. -*Go Ride - u8's, u10's & u12's do not need to enter in advance

  • No Disk brakes
  • No cameras mounted to bikes or helmets
  • No saddle bags
  • No foul language
  • Numbers and transponders attached firmly
  • Strictly no valid race licence with photo means a day licence fee applies
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Sponsored by

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Supported by

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